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The Commune of Firlej
21-136 Firlej,
tel.(081) 857 50 41
fax.(081) 857 50 81

the access road


The town Firlej (former Firlejów) was grounded by Mikołaj Firlej in 1557. From the beginning the town has typical agriculture and handicraft character.

The other owners of Firlej were the families of Zalewski, Lubomirski and Sanguszko. In 1839 the town belonged to the president of Polish Bank - Mr Henryk Łubieński, who grounded the first factory of tools and agriculture machines in Lublin area.

Firlej took part also in uprising fights in 1831 and in 1863. The town had lost his rights because of patriotism of its citizens in 1869. The XX age brought to the town great demage caused by I World War battles. In the first half of august 1920 in Firlej marshal Josef Piłsudzki inspected the Polish troops going to the east. During german nazi occupation Firlej was an area of activity of A.K. division of captain T. Pośpiech. The town was released on July, 22. 1944 by the 27 Wołyń Division of Armia Krajowa. After the war here was a regression, but in the 60-thies come economical development.



For visiting the locality of Firlej very interesting is the triangle market with buildings from the end of XIX century and beginning of XX century. Some houses have interesting construction called "fishend" and they are history monuments. The former large market is now a green square.

The wooden parish church built in 1880 is the third church in history of the town. The main altar is in rococo style (rebuilt in XIX century). In the church saveplace is the altar of I Ulane Command (Uprising Army from 1831) which succeded in Firlej battle.
The cementary has interesting graves monuments. In 1992 in the town center was unveiled the Monument of Josef Piłsudzki ( the second in Firlej history - the first was destroyed in 50-ties).

Kościół parafialny

Kościół parafialny
Kościół parafialny



The commune of Firlej is an agricultural area without cities and industry. The half of its population works in agriculture, but the main sources of incomes are nature and tourism. Here are splendid conditions for recreation. Large forest spaces, interesting landscape and two lakes (Firlej and Kunów), each more then 100 hectars, bring many visitors for suntan and recreation. In our commune is hospital, the Common Bank, Library and Post Office. Among 200 firms are registered in Commune Office. More than 100 firms run economical and catering activity feeding numerous visitors. The other companies work in services like building, industry and forwarding. There are also such useful institutions like: woodworks and gas station. The authorities of Firlej commune pay attention to develop tourist services. That is why a water pipeline of 156 km that serves 14 vilages was built. Clear adjustment of 12,3 km is ready fo Firlej and the summer resorts on both lakes. The commune has one new water cleaning system that cleans 400 cubic meters polluted water a day.
The collection and garbadge take off is in container system organized. The new generation phone system is conviniet for Firlej and all the villages in the commune.

Commune chief: Sławomir Cieszko
Main Common Representative: Grzegorz Grądek
The area: 126,37 sqare km.
Population: about 6500 inhabitants
Located by the route no. 19 ( Białystok-Lublin-Rzeszów)

The commune office.



The lack of large cities and industry in our area makes development of agrotourism and ecological farm very attractive. The nature attitudes of Firlej make this place very interesting for recreation, especially water sports. The picturesque rivers Wieprz and Tyśmienica, with numerous old basins, make this flat area attractive. For angling fans there are different sweet water fish like: perch, pike, eal, tench and others.

To our visitors we offer (according to conditions) different and reasonable prices for accomodation and meals. Below you can read about several agrotoustits farms in our commune. These farms represent the traditional, old Polish style, both in its architecture and interior design.

Marcin Trąbka,
21-136 Firlej,
ul.Serocka 11,
tel. (81) 85-75-118
kom. 505 089 910

Grażyna Powałka,
Kunów 36, 21136 Firlej,
tel. (0 prefix 81) 85-75-256

Teresa Stawinoga,
Kunów, 21-136 Firlej,
tel.(0 prefix 81) 85- 75 256 (kontaktowy)

Wiesława Krupa,
Serock 23,
21-136 Firlej,
tel. (0 prefix 81) 85-54-197 lub 85 -75 459

Henryka Dudek,
21-137 Wola Skromowska,
tel. (0 prefix 81) 85-91-509

Urszula i Piotr Osikowie,
Wola Skromowska 1,
21-150 Kock,
tel. 090-29-87-97

Wiesława i Edward Zdunkowie,
Kunów, 21-146 Firlej,
tel. (0 prefix 81) 857-51-80

Anna Zielińska,
ul. Spacerowa 8,
21-136 Firlej,
tel. (081) 85 75 379

Tomasz Żeleźnik,
Serock 8,
21-136 Firlej,
tel. 0 509 313 595



6 - 8 August

Since 1997 every year in Firley are organized the Firley Days. The event is very attractive for inhabitants of the Commune and for tourists.

During Firley Days the agrotourits farms from Firley Commune presents their offers.

The Commune organizes moreover the festive gala, the concerts of folk groups and theatres, photo exhibition and other special events.



[The History] [The monuments] [Commune] [Agroturism]
[Firlej Days]

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